Leaves, disability, and critical illness

There may be times when your career or life choices alter your earnings or hours worked, which could affect your pension benefits. UPP offers many ways to ensure you continue building benefits and maximize your pension along the way.

Survivor benefits

Survivor benefits are an important feature of the Plan, to help provide for your loved ones when you pass away, whether before or after retirement.

Starting your retirement

Knowing how your pension is calculated, and how your personal and professional decisions may impact your pension benefit, you might be wondering when you can and should retire. This page explains how your age and eligibility service factor into the decision and how to start the retirement process.

Inflation protection

As a member of UPP, you are guaranteed a pension for life. One of the advantages of being a UPP member is that the plan may also provide annual increases to your pension to help keep pace with increases to the cost of living.

Changing employers and portability

You may work for a variety of employers over the course of your career. If you leave your UPP employer to go work for another participating UPP employer, your pension is portable –meaning it can come with you. You may also be able to combine part-time service at multiple UPP participating employers (for those in eligible employment classes).

How your plan works

UPP is a contributory Defined Benefit (DB) pension plan designed to deliver you a lifelong, worry-free pension. The investment earnings of the plan, as well as the contributions made by you and your employer, are what fund your pension.
This page describes the factors that go into calculating what you and your employer contribute, and how the UPP formula works.


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