Leaves, disability, and critical illness

There may be times when your career or life choices alter your earnings. UPP offers many ways to ensure you continue building benefits and maximize your pension along the way.

Survivor benefits

Flexible, built-in options to provide for your loved ones after you pass away.

Starting your retirement

With a UPP pension, you can retire with an unreduced pension as early as age 60 if your age plus your eligibility service equal at least 80 points.

Inflation protection

Retired friends hiking in a forest

Once you retire, your monthly pension may increase to protect against increases in the cost of living.

Changing employers and portability

If eligible, you can seamlessly move between UPP participating employers, and combine part-time service at multiple UPP participating employers.

How your plan works

UPP is a contributory Defined Benefit (DB) pension plan. The investment earnings of the plan, as well as the contributions made by you and your employer, are what fund your pension.


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