Horatio Bot is the Executive Director, Budget, Planning and Finance in the Faculty of Arts & Science at the University of Toronto, managing the Faculty’s budget and providing broad-based financial and analytical support to the academic leadership. The Faculty of Arts & Science is the largest academic division of the University with 70 academic units, four Constituent and three Federated Colleges, offering undergraduate and graduate programs to approximately 32,000 students.

Before joining the Faculty in 2012, Horatio held chief administrator appointments in other University academic divisions including Nursing and Architecture, as well as business analytics and consulting roles in the Faculty of Medicine and the University’s Financial Services Department.

He serves on the Board of the University of Toronto Faculty Club and as the inaugural Chair and Director of the Board of the Ontario Association of Non-Unionized Employees (OANUE).

Horatio earned an honours bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Toronto, a Bachelor of Education from Brock University, and a Master of Arts (Philosophy) from McMaster University.