Changing employers and portability

If eligible, you can seamlessly move between UPP participating employers, and combine part-time service at multiple UPP participating employers.

If you move to another UPP-participating employer

If you leave your UPP employer for another UPP employer within 12 months of the date your employment ended, and you didn’t transfer any of your pension assets in your departure, your contributions will simply begin again, your memberships will combine, and your pension will be recalculated when you retire or leave for a non-UPP employer.

If you move to a non-UPP employer

If you leave your job with a UPP employer, you will need to decide what to do with your UPP pension. You will receive a statement of options*, as summarized below:
For members under age 55, you can:
  • leave your benefits in the Plan until you become eligible to retire (the default option) or,
  • transfer the commuted value of your UPP pension to a registered retirement vehicle (such as an RRSP) or another pension plan or purchase an annuity through an insurance company. This is a time-limited, final settlement of your UPP pension. If you rejoin UPP at a future date, you cannot put the money back into the plan and your previous service and earnings will not be used to determine your eligibility to retire or the amount of pension you will receive.
For members age 55 and older, you can:
  • leave your benefits in the Plan until age 65 or,
  • take an immediate pension.
You should always seek independent professional financial advice when making decisions about your UPP pension.
*Please note that if you happen to rejoin UPP before receiving your termination options package, re-entering the Plan becomes your ‘default’ selection and a lump-sum transfer is no longer available.


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