Join the pension plan custom-built to provide best-in-class retirement benefits for Ontario’s university sector.


A win-win for employers and employees.

Employer benefits

Balance sheet relief

No PBGF or solvency funding obligations, simplified accounting

Defined funding policy

Clearly laid out guidance for plan funding

Talent recruitment and retention  

Employers of any size can offer a premier, portable benefit designed for the university sector

A turnkey solution

Centralized pension administration and investments, under a strong risk-shared governance model

Shared benefits

Best-in-class value

Top value for contributions among peer defined benefit pension plans

Enhanced cost and risk efficiency

UPP is designed to deliver enhanced security and value with scale

Joint decision-making

Equal employee-employer say in plan governance and design (benefit levels and contribution rates)

Expert investment management

Contributions invested by experienced professionals with expertise in pension sustainability and responsible investing

100% matched contributions

Employee benefits

Secure, predictable retirement income for life

Predictable, secure retirement income for life based on an average of best 48 months of earnings and years of service 

Additional tailored features

Funded conditional indexation, early unreduced retirement, flexible survivor benefits

Service excellence (in development)

Proactive, personalized service to members through state-of-the-art systems, tools and techniques

Career flexibility

Eligible plan members can seamlessly move between UPP participating employers, and combine part-time service at multiple UPP participating employers*

*For eligible employment classes

How Upp works

UPP is a jointly sponsored pension plan (JSPP).

A JSPP is a special type of defined benefit plan in which members and employers share equal responsibility for decisions about plan funding and design.
UPP’s joint sponsorship is customized for the variety of voices and groups within the university sector.

Equal say in plan design, funding, administration

Transparent plan operations, funding, decision-making

Clear, explicit risk sharing

It’s these characteristics that afford JSPPs unique benefits like solvency exemption and stable, predictable contributions.

The path to joining

UPP is open to all universities and organizations in Ontario’s university sector.

We can accommodate a wide array of past and present plan types – even those without a prior plan. We’re here to provide comprehensive transition and onboarding support, from start to finish, and look forward to starting the conversation.

How to Get Started

Interested in learning more about UPP? We're here for you every step of the way.

UPP’s team is available to discuss plan features, answer questions, provide calculations and estimates, and deliver presentations about what joining UPP would look like for your organization. Please contact Andrew Naples, Managing Director, University Sector and Stakeholder Engagement, to get started.

Andrew Naples
Managing Director, University Sector and Stakeholder Engagement