Partnering for impact

Our influence is greater when we partner with likeminded peers.

Partnering with SHARE to influence public companies

In 2021, we appointed the Shareholder Association for Research and Education (SHARE) to engage public companies in our investment portfolio, with a focus on advancing climate action, reconciliation, and human rights. We also joined the SHARE-led University Network for Investor Engagement, a climate-focused collaborative engagement initiative with some of Canada’s most prominent universities. Through that partnership, we negotiated an agreement with a Canadian bank to develop, implement, and disclose tools to measure the carbon risks in its lending portfolio in line with the Paris Agreement and the International Energy Agency’s 1.5°C climate change scenario.

A founding member of Climate Engagement Canada

In 2021, UPP became a founding member of Climate Engagement Canada (CEC), a Canadian finance-led initiative to bring a unified investor voice to Canadian companies on climate risk governance, disclosure, and the transition to a low-carbon economy in Canada. Alongside 25+ leading financial institutions, UPP will play an active role engaging CEC’s Focus List of forty select TSX-listed companies, leading engagement with a listed company and supporting engagement efforts for others. Over the next months, engagements with the boards and senior leaders of these organizations will commence to spur organizational change.

Partnerships and associations


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