myUPP Member Portal

The myUPP Member Portal is a secure digital platform designed to guide you and inform you on all pension matters–whether you need to ask a question, access your pension documents and information, or estimate your future pension.

When it comes to managing your pension online, here are just some of the things you'll be able to do.

Access your information and documents

You will have secure access to your pension information and documents, including your annual statements, tax slips if you’re receiving a pension and other pension-related documents, right at your fingertips.

Update your personal details

You can easily update and manage your personal, contact, and beneficiary information to ensure your pension records are always accurate.

Run pension estimates

Explore different retirement scenarios using the Pension Estimate Calculator to see what your future pension will be using different dates, ages, and salaries.

Receive dedicated support

Communicate directly with our Member Services Team via secure messages and upload documents. Whether you need help with your pension estimates, or pension-related life events or want to better understand how your pension works, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Manage banking information

If you are already receiving a pension, you can see your pension payment details and update your banking information safely and securely. The myUPP Member Portal is scheduled to launch fall 2024. Stay tuned for upcoming information sessions and registration details!

When will I have access?

UPP will be launching the new myUPP Member Portal later this summer. The first phase of the Member Portal launch will begin with members who joined in 2022 or earlier. Then, in 2025, the second phase of the launch will begin for members who joined from 2024 onwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

This fall, UPP will expand our member services to all UPP members. That means if you are a UPP member, you will no longer go to your employer for questions or requests regarding your pension and will instead be supported by a UPP pension expert, who will be there for every stage of your pension journey – whether that’s coordinating a life event like a parental leave or applying for your pension.

The myUPP Member Portal is available to active and deferred members, and pensioners. Surviving spouses and beneficiaries can also register once they are receiving monthly survivor pension payments. 

At UPP protecting our member’s personal information is a top priority. The myUPP Member Portal has robust security safeguards and uses multi-factor authentication (MFA), which is an additional layer of security that requires you to complete multiple authentication factors to access your account. MFA is a quick but important security step that sends a code to your phone or email address on file, that you must enter when registering and logging in to the myUPP Member Portal.
Read our Privacy Statement for more information on how UPP collects, stores, uses and protects your personal information.

The myUPP Member Portal is a secure digital environment where you can run pension estimates, update your personal information and interact with UPP’s Member Services team.
Additional details about the myUPP Member Portal will be available shortly.

Understanding your needs and priorities

To ensure our services approach met members’ needs, we engaged UPP’s membership on their expectations and priorities for their pension experience with UPP. By design, we prioritized flexibility, customization, and security, ensuring our service model is adaptive and can continually evolve with both advances in technology and the changing needs of our members. Your feedback will continue to be a crucial input in shaping the progression of our Member Services going forward. Learn more about our member experience engagement


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