2022-2025 organizational strategy​

With the foundational progress underway and a world-class team forming, we are excited by the choices articulated through our inaugural strategy. Those choices reflect our vision to be a best in-class solution and the trusted pension plan for the university sector.

Pursuing our potential

UPP was designed to deliver a best-in-class defined benefit pension that meets the unique needs of university employers and employees. Our 2022-2025 organizational strategy, Pursuing our potential, is our blueprint as we build the foundations for a resilient, high-performing Plan for members while establishing UPP as the trusted pension plan for Ontario’s university community.

In developing our strategic plan, we engaged with our members and Plan Sponsors (including university employers, faculty associations, and unions) to ensure we understood their needs and experiences, as well as their expectations of UPP.

Our strategy is led by UPP’s experienced Executive Leadership team and overseen by our highly qualified Board of Trustees. Progress is regularly measured and reported, and key developments are captured in our annual reports.

Our 2022–2025 organizational strategy serves as a critical beacon in our build, defined through six key imperatives:


Serve our members

Deliver proactive, digitally enabled services that exceed member expectations

Invest for the future

Design a dynamic, purpose-driven investment program with pension security at the core

Realize sector growth

Build trust and transparency with the diverse university community and welcome new Plan participants


Build for resilience

Future-proof operations and technology while responsibly managing costs

Lean into ESG1

Foster a financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable future for members in all we do

Foster our culture

Build an intentional, thriving culture underpinned by our purpose-driven people

1 Environmental, social and governance factors


As a purpose-driven organization, we’re building a culture of collaboration and growth to deliver strong outcomes for members.

Investment strategy

Our investment program has one goal – to deliver secure, stable retirement income to our members today and tomorrow.


UPP is a sector-wide plan designed for growth and our doors are open to all Ontario universities.

Act responsibly

See how we continually embed sustainability across our operations.

Invest responsibly

See how we take meaningful action to create sustainable value through evidence-based practices.


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