Delivering valuable, lifelong pension security

To members today and generations of university employees to come.

A jointly sponsored, defined benefit pension plan tailored by and for Ontario’s university sector.

After more than a decade of collaboration, UPP launched on July 1, 2021 with the mission to secure pensions through a time of unprecedented change. We at UPP are honoured to continue the work of our founders and deliver their vision.

Today, we manage $11.8 billion in pension assets and proudly serve over 37,000 working and retired members across 16 participating universities and affiliate organizations. Our commitment is to protect the security and sustainability of our members’ pensions while delivering service excellence to our members and employers. UPP is a sector-wide plan designed for growth – our doors are open to all Ontario universities.

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As proud UPP members ourselves, we are deeply connected to our purpose. 

Our purpose is to bring greater retirement peace of mind to the university sector by investing with integrity and serving members with care.

Our vision is to be the trusted pension plan for the university sector and a partner of choice in shaping a resilient financial, social, and environmental future.

Our core values define who we are and how we work with intention each day.

Our core values


We understand the gravity of our responsibilities and approach every decision and relationship with accountability, transparency, and respect.


We will embrace the diversity and dignity of our members, Joint Sponsors, partners, and team in all interactions and relationships.


We will adapt and evolve in a changing world, embracing new ways to deliver enhanced value and performance excellence.


We will foster a financially, socially, and environmentally resilient future for members in all we do, aligning with like-minded partners to amplify our impact.

2021 at-a-glance

At December 31, 2021


Fully funded


Funding surplus


Total pension benefits paid in the last half of 2021


Net assets


Six-month net-return






Participating universities

(January 1, 2022)


participating affiliate organizations

(January 1, 2022)

Building a resilient future

Committed to achieve a net-zero portfolio by 2040 with ambitious interim targets

Barbara Zvan, President and Chief Executive Officer

“Looking back on 2021, I am humbled by the magnitude of what this exceptional UPP team has accomplished. We are deeply grateful for our many partners’ dedication, support, and insights throughout this extraordinary journey.”

Gale Rubenstein, UPP Board Chair
“With a strong groundwork laid, we will continually adapt and innovate in service of our members and the promise of a bright new future under UPP. That promise extends to our broader impact on the world, as we take proactive steps to position the Plan for sustainable long-term growth.”