UPP discusses the value of workplace pensions during the 2nd annual Pension Awareness Day

Annual campaign highlights value of workplace pension plans.
UPP is proud to support the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of Ontario’s second annual Pension Awareness Day to raise awareness about the value of participating in a workplace pension plan. To mark the occasion, UPP’s Chief Pension Services Officer Joanna Lohrenz and FSRA Ontario recently discussed the retirement dilemma and how pension plans are meeting their members’ needs, today and in the future.

What members can expect from joining UPP

Drawing from the deep experience of our leaders in the Canadian pension space, UPP was created in 2021 to offer retirement security to Ontario’s university sector. Members can expect a predictable, secure retirement income for life, in addition to many more benefits including pension portability, inflation protection, early unreduced retirement, and flexible survivor benefits. Read more about a few of UPP’s key features, which were carefully designed to ensure UPP members can enjoy peace of mind in retirement.

Secure and predictable retirement income​

A key feature of UPP is secure and predictable retirement income for life, which takes the guesswork out of retirement planning. This is determined by a formula, based on your salary and the number of years you worked. Take a look at our plan basics to learn how the UPP formula works, and more.

Flexibility with pension portability

UPP is the first multiemployer defined benefit plan in the university sector. That means that plan members in eligible employment classes can seamlessly move their pension between UPP participating employers and combine part-time service at multiple UPP participating employers – without losing any years of service. Learn more about changing employers and portability.

Inflation protection through indexation

Indexation, or cost of living adjustments, are an important benefit offered by some defined benefit plans, including UPP. It is a feature designed to increase the amount of your monthly pension in pay through a cost-of-living adjustment based on the increase in the Canadian Consumer Price Index (CPI). In other words, your pension is protected against rising costs of goods and services. See how inflation protection was applied to UPP pensions in pay in 2024.

Expert investment management

UPP’s size and growing scale allows us to manage select investment strategies internally, bringing cost savings and greater transparency and control. It also provides access to different types of investment opportunities, particularly in private markets. Our experienced investment teams deploy and manage investments across several asset classes and pursue investment opportunities with an acute focus on quality, risk-adjusted value, and total fund diversification. Learn more about our investment approach.

Survivor benefits

Many defined benefit pensions, including UPP, provide options for coverage for loved ones when you pass away after retirement in the form of survivor benefits. We also have options for members without spouses which allow the balance of pension payments to be made to a beneficiary or estate.  More information about survivor benefits can be found in our Member Handbook

Have a question about your pension? Please contact your university pension administration team or UPP’s Member Services via email: [email protected]

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