UPP partners with Rotman Asset Management Association on student case competition

The UPP Private Equity Case Competition provided students with experiential learning opportunities and industry experience.

On February 10th, 2023, UPP partnered with the Rotman Asset Management Association (RAMA) to host the UPP Private Equity Case Competition. Participating student teams were tasked with preparing investment recommendations for a judging panel consisting of senior UPP investment professionals. Two teams were selected to represent Rotman at upcoming international case competitions. 

UPP is proud to support experiential learning and mentorship opportunities for students.

"Congratulations to all the teams that presented and the RAMA executive team for putting on a great event. The quality of work was exceptional and your presentations dynamic. I particularly enjoyed the added analysis on the risks and opportunities related to ESG factors. Meeting the students, staff and faculty after the event was energizing and a good reminder on why we do what we do at UPP: ensure the retirement of our members and serve this community so they can continue to do the amazing things they do."
Aaron Bennett
Chief Investment Officer
"Thank you for sponsoring the private equity case competition and for giving us the opportunity to learn more about UPP. It was also great to see UPP's emphasis on incorporating ESG considerations into its investments. It shows true commitment on UPP's part to improving the lives of its members and local communities across Canada and the world."
Competition participant

The UPP judges (from left to right):

Ankit Sinha, Manager, Private Markets

Maria Clara Rendon, Director, Responsible Investing

Suchorita Sen, Managing Director, Corporate Finance

Evan Zhou, Analyst, Private Markets

Aaron Bennett, Chief Investment Officer




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