UPP’s inaugural investment policies

UPP’s governing investment policies are meant to provide transparency in our investment approach and principled, consistent application of our total fund investment strategy. We will continue sharing key policies as our strategy and policy work progresses.

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As a regulated pension plan, our core investment policies and procedures are reflected in a public document called a Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures (or ‘SIPP’).  Our inaugural SIPP came into effect on July 1, 2021 and largely reflects our investment and asset position at UPP’s inception. It will change over time as our investment scope widens and capacity deepens. The SIPP is reviewed at least annually to continually reflect changes in our approach, evolving risks and opportunities, and, as a Jointly Sponsored Pension Plan, feedback from our members. We will post updates as they occur.

The SIPP is, by its nature, a general summary of our approach, including our approach to addressing environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) factors in our investments and stewardship activities. The deeper detail and more explicit ESG commitments are found in our initial RI Policy

Read our Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures [PDF].

Updated April 27, 2022.

UPP’s RI Policy provides a starting framework for how we will consistently and comprehensively incorporate ESG factors in our investment management and stewardship activities and signals the direction for our evolving strategy. Our initial RI Policy largely reflects the practices of our founding institutions and our investment management scope at inception.

This RI Policy will evolve in the coming months and years as we further crystallize our investment strategy and associated implementation plans, targets and timelines. This process will be driven by our steadfast commitment to the pension promise, with investing responsibly as a core tenet in our delivery of that commitment.

Read our inaugural Responsible Investing Policy [PDF].

As stated in UPP’s Responsible Investing Policy, we recognize the importance of stewardship activities, such as proxy voting, to align the interests of issuers and financial systems with long-term value creation for plan members.

UPP invests in many publicly traded companies. Share ownership provides both rights and responsibilities, such as the right to vote on items of importance at annual and special company meetings.

Our Proxy Voting Policy outlines how UPP is likely to vote by providing an overview of our views and voting positions on a variety of topics, including our environmental, social and governance (ESG) expectations. We want Boards of Directors and company management teams to know our positions so that they might influence their policies and practices.

Read our Proxy Voting Policy [PDF].

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