UPP Welcomes Chief Engagement & Strategy Officer and Senior Director, Engagement

Today marks another important milestone for UPP, with the arrival of the Plan’s Chief Engagement & Strategy Officer, Kathy Johnson, and Senior Director of Engagement, Andrew Naples.

As a jointly sponsored pension plan created by and for Ontario’s university sector, UPP is dedicated to delivering a Plan that makes our founders and members proud, and one that others will want to join. 

That begins by introducing ourselves, telling our story, and building strong relationships with the university community. Today, we welcome the leaders of UPP’s expert engagement team focused on transparent exchange and deep connection with current and future members and employers, as well as government and other key stakeholders.

The knowledge and expertise of these two leaders will be instrumental in establishing a sector engagement strategy grounded on the Plan’s mission of best-in-class retirement security for the full range of employee groups within the university sector.

“UPP was created to bring enhanced retirement security to the full Ontario university sector. We’re thrilled to welcome two seasoned leaders with deep expertise and knowledge of the university sector to lead this important work,” said Barbara Zvan, President and CEO of UPP.

As Chief Engagement & Strategy Officer (CE&SO), Kathy will lead the teams responsible for UPP’s strategic planning, outreach and relationship building program(s) with the university sector.

Reporting to the CE&SO, Andrew Naples joins as UPP’s Senior Director, Engagement, overseeing engagement strategies for UPP’s diverse audiences, from current members to new participating universities, and helping lead government relations in support of UPP’s policy priorities.

Kathy Johnson

Kathy Johnson
Chief Engagement & Strategy Officer 

“It’s very important to me that my work makes a concrete difference in people’s lives. That is why I am so pleased to be joining the UPP team.  There is no question that this plan – a plan built specifically to meet the needs of those who work within the university sector – will have a positive impact for participating members. I look forward to working with the university community to support a strong membership engagement plan and expanded UPP partnerships.”

Andrew Naples
Senior Director, Engagement

“I am very happy to be joining UPP and to contribute to the growth of this innovative new plan. Having spent my entire career in the university sector, I am looking forward to the opportunity to continue to enhance its overall sustainability and help strengthen the plan for all members.”

Media Contact

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Managing Director, Strategy and Communications
[email protected]



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